Lubuntu on MK802 Android PC

I bought an MK802 through a colleague about an year ago. I have only used it twice till now to test. I wanted to a small sized PC so that my parents could browse the internet. It could not reach the wireless server possibly because of the power of both the router and this tiny pc. I ended up stashing it till yesterday where I learnt that Lubuntu( a light weight Ubuntu ) can be installed. Well, this is the third time I am reformatting the micro-sd card.

Instructions were clear at miniand.com forum about it, but I thought to use some of my extra knowledge which I attained. Turns out its quite a common mistake

The error the android system throws out is Damaged SD Card which means we did the same silly mistake of not following the instructions

sudo dd if=lubuntu-desktop-12.04-4-1080p-1GB-miniand.com.img of=/dev/rdisk9 bs=1m

Note the “r” before “disk1” - this makes the process faster (Noted in the forum link above)

This will create 2 partitions under your /dev/disk9 which is your SD card.

Alt+F2 -> lxterminal Source Well, I could not see the screen

If you don’t see anything on your screen except a mouse pointer, it could be that your resolution did not fit exactly, you need to adjust your settings accordingly.

If you were trying to modify the password using sudo passwd and the root password does not change, may be its a sign that you are too stupid to admit you are sleepy at 3 in the morning( or there could be a problem with the file system and might require a reboot)

Next Steps: http://launchintolinux.wordpress.com/2012/04/04/six-things-to-do-after-installing-lubuntu/

TODO: A Pic of the screen and the device should be updated.