Migrated to OctoPress

Octopress baby!

I finally found time to migrate my wordpress(WP) site to a self hosted (at digitalocean) run via octopress.

What I know about hosting!

I previously hosted at mediatemple, it was getting costly (blame the INR drop compared with USD).

I earlier tried Linode, no bad experiences, but went on with MediaTemple on a hunch and never looked back till DigitalOcean came with super awesome $5/month reliable servers and neat interfaces

Amazon Web Services(AWS) is way too costly for non-commercial purposes.

Heroku is free but, I like to host and configure myself.

Domain Name Servers

Running free DNS on CloudFlare and DigitalOcean.

CloudFlare has faster response times compared to others and its free too.

About Octopress

Well I have lot of things to do because of the migration. I am only getting things done in the night rather than in the mornings 😃


  • Deploy from CLI
  • Write from CLI
  • No complicated UI to upload and edit html


  • Images to be managed from CLI
  • No friendly UI to write simple HTML 😉


  • Fix old posts
  • Write newer planned posts
  • Comments migrations from WP
  • Disqus setup for comments
  • Google Analytics
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