Clash of Clans — Yet Another Addiction

My requirement came from my awesome Clash Of Clans (wiki) by SuperCell addiction I have developed starting since August 15th 2015. (The day was celebrated as Indian Independence day. What more glorious day to start a war game 😉 )


I felt I was missing mobile gaming fun in my life. I chose this since there are colleagues who are already playing.

What I liked about the game

My colleagues have tutored me about the game, strategies, what to do, what not to do. I have been happy that I started learning and applying strategies to a game. I can’t thank them enough for teaching me.

Summary about the game

The gamification done by SuperCell is amazing. You need to collect resources, spend them on upgrades, work with your clan to attack other clans in an organized fashion called clan war.

I started recording war videos

Record video via mac  — iDevice (iPod/iPad) allow you to record everything that is happening on it.

Clash of Clans is too big an addiction.

P.S. If you cannot see your iDevice, try reset the warnings in iTunes . Some even tried a fresh install of a Mac, but this worked fine for me.

Update (Late February 2016): About mid February 2016, I stopped opening the game as much I should have. I think I have cured my addiction of CoC by getting addicted to Clash Royale kind of migrated by addiction.

Update (mid March): I got better and stopped opening both the apps and got better organized