Why I Like go?

I have been reading and listening a lot about GoLang. There are two great projects with good communities and Documentation

Why I like go?

  • The standard library is too powerful
  • Creating a http server is very simple
  • Interfaces are too good and provide the best
  • Structs are the new classes (no inheritance, only composition)
  • Concurrency is a first class citizen (via go method)
  • structs for locks are part of the stdlib
  • Syntax is a first class construct, all go code looks the same
  • Terrific garbage collection in order of nano seconds
  • Data can be passed through streams(channels)

With this power and the speed Go runs at, I started learning Go by writing a simple productivity tool (my first project in Go), Pastebin via API, named it daata (Check daata-server/ directory)

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